Blended thoughts on a burnt relationship.

I hope that you exercise human compassion and become an advocate for women some day. I hope you stop referring to women as "bitches" and "cunts" for having an opinion. That someday you believe that women are not below you and you use your intelligence towards making a positive difference in this world.

Two sources of evil: fuckboys and alcohol.

"Happy New Year, Beth :)" the text(s) read. Does that happen to anyone else? As soon as Christmas or NYE hits, your inbox suddenly becomes flooded with messages from men you haven't spoken to in months? It's like, ah, I know I fucked up, but it's the holidays! Happy Holidays! Let's forget about everything I've ever … Continue reading Two sources of evil: fuckboys and alcohol.

Walking to work.

I was wearing a loose black dress from Urban. I paired it with black combat boots and gold bangles. I had been a slob all day, so I figured I'd throw something cute on to run some errands before work. I stepped on the elevator, a man stood next to me and stared at my … Continue reading Walking to work.

I’m in a toxic relationship with an inanimate object.

I'm in a toxic relationship.  It's been pretty on and off since freshman year of college, and as soon as I feel semi-OK about it, I allow myself to get reeled back into it. I'd accurately describe the relationship as destructive, but when it's good, it provides me with an invigorating satisfaction that is undeniable. … Continue reading I’m in a toxic relationship with an inanimate object.