Why the F*CK is dating a lot of people a bad thing?

Our 20's is a time for us to be selfish, to take risks. It's a time to travel the world, move to a different city, see what the world has to offer outside of our comfort zones. It's a time to find yourself, a time to begin your journey in the reality that we spent our … Continue reading Why the F*CK is dating a lot of people a bad thing?


Why I Never Answered Your Text

"Why didn't you write me? Why? It wasn't over for me, I waited for you for seven years. But now it's too late." "I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year." "You wrote me?" "Yes... it wasn't over, it still isn't over" Sorry, ladies and gents. It is over. And it's … Continue reading Why I Never Answered Your Text

I miss you doesn’t mean I want you

"I miss you," I confessed. The words slipped off my tongue leaving a burning sensation on my lips. I wasn't sure what I meant by it or what I wanted to hear in return.  But I was speaking the truth. He went silent, I could tell that he was trying to figure out a way … Continue reading I miss you doesn’t mean I want you

Tinder Conversations: NY Edition

Happy Thanksgiving you filthy animals. I'm spending my Thanksgiving in Brooklyn with family, so to fight the FOMO about missing out on Thanksgiving Eve festivities with friends, I decided to do a bit of "social experiment," if that's what you'd like to call it. I only expected to do it to one or two guys, … Continue reading Tinder Conversations: NY Edition

St. Patrick’s Day Collins

Age is just a number...right? March 17, 2013. It was St. Patrick's Day in Boston, the day after my 20th birthday. A few friends and I trekked into the city to catch the parade, although the parade was hardly the center of our focus. We filled our styrofoam Dunkie's cups with strange concoctions, probably some combination of … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Collins

8 Types of People You Can Live Without

Destiny may decide who comes into your life, but it certainly doesn't decide who stays. People walk in and out of our lives every single day, some leaving more of a lasting impact than others. Some relationships we are simply forced to let go of, even though we may attempt to salvage what remains. Others … Continue reading 8 Types of People You Can Live Without

You aren’t what you Facetune

I read Mackenzie Newcomb's article the other day, "Let's Photoshop the Beauty Standard," about a new photo editing app called FaceTune. This app is basically Instagram on steroids. Not only does it allow you to whiten teeth, flawlessly remove blemishes, and effortlessly remove the dark circles from underneath your eyes in a simple swipe, it … Continue reading You aren’t what you Facetune

Let’s stop letting a double tap make us feel beautiful

You get ready for class, feeling confident about how you look. You spent a little extra time picking out an outfit, and maybe put on more makeup than usual. As you walk through campus, people are coming up behind you and tapping you twice, proclaiming, "I like you!" They then stick stars all over your … Continue reading Let’s stop letting a double tap make us feel beautiful

An Open Letter To All of My Future “Whatevers”

Dear My Future "Whatevers," Hey there, it's me, Beth. I don't know if our relationship will ever extend beyond texting or if you talk to me just to hold onto the hope of having sex with me. We may get married, or our first date might make us want to run for the hills. You … Continue reading An Open Letter To All of My Future “Whatevers”

The Art of Texting

I say this all the time, but I seriously hate texting. I hate it. The only thing I actually enjoy about it are the emojis, but even those annoy me because I've definitely taken years off of my life searching through all the stupid categories to find the one I want to send. That being said, … Continue reading The Art of Texting