I decide it’s ok to give a shit.

Do you get a weird source of inspiration from public transport? Like, I always feel like I’m at my peak of inspo wen I’m on a train, plane or bus. I'm not sure if this is a normal thing, but I always get my best thoughts out at the expense of a $3.65 metro ride…or … Continue reading I decide it’s ok to give a shit.

Inspiring female artists to add to your playlist.

To call myself an "artist" would be a massive stretch. Creative? Yes. Artist? Ehh. If you count off-pitch sing-in-the-shower sessions and my innate ability to doodle the f*ck out of a new notebook, then, yes, maybe I am an artist. I can't sing. I simply can't. I want a phenomenal voice, like really bad. But, … Continue reading Inspiring female artists to add to your playlist.


The blind in the middle window of my bedroom is broken. I should get it fixed, but I enjoy Mother Nature as an alarm clock. You cannot hit snooze on the sun. I've tried. Mother Naure is relentless. I am relentless. The sun woke me that morning, the same way it always does. I looked … Continue reading Words.

Walking to work.

I was wearing a loose black dress from Urban. I paired it with black combat boots and gold bangles. I had been a slob all day, so I figured I'd throw something cute on to run some errands before work. I stepped on the elevator, a man stood next to me and stared at my … Continue reading Walking to work.

The power to both love and destroy

There will be one person, or multiple people, in life who hold your heart. They are capable of holding it for months, years, and possibly forever. Life seems simple when you find your person, because you no longer have to battle through everything alone. The person who holds your heart holds a piece of you … Continue reading The power to both love and destroy

“Did you intimidate him, Beth?”

"Did you intimidate him, Beth?" my friend asked in response to my recent grievances about a guy. The question caught me off guard. Immediately my fingers violently tapped on the glass screen of my iPhone, firing back a response to defend myself. The question felt like a burning arrow aimed straight at my ego, roaring bright with intense … Continue reading “Did you intimidate him, Beth?”

Don’t Call Me Crazy And I Won’t Call You An Asshole.

"She's crazy," says the indecisive ex-boyfriend who was sexting her the night before. "Dude, she started acting all possessive and texted me non-stop," remarks the ~*4 EvA*~ lifelong bro who refuses to commit yet introduced her to his family. "She's all of a sudden needy. I mean, like, we're not dating or anything," mumbled the dude … Continue reading Don’t Call Me Crazy And I Won’t Call You An Asshole.

8 Promises To Make Yourself Going Into the New Year

Time. We define our lives by it, allowing it to consume our entire being, yet it's something that is entirely humanly constructed. It's not real. You can't hold it or even accurately describe it to someone without fumbling over your own words. Yet, timing is everything. Time allows us to move on, it allows us … Continue reading 8 Promises To Make Yourself Going Into the New Year

I was intoxicated.

I woke up in the passenger seat and his hand was down my shirt, cupping my breast. He moved his hand around the inside of my shirt, repeatedly feeling me up for several seconds at a time. I asked him to stop, politely. He asked me for money that I didn't have. I apologized, then asked … Continue reading I was intoxicated.