A story with an expiration date

  "You have to come home at some point, you know. And don't fall in love either. I'll miss you too much if you stay." I laughed at my mother's words as she hid the tears behind her sunglasses. I took it as a joke, but I knew she was at least half serious. With … Continue reading A story with an expiration date

I’m Feelin’ 22 (Wait, How Am I Supposed To Feel?)

I turned 22 yesterday, for those of you who missed the memo on every single one of my social media pages. I'm a birthday princess, sorry. Anyways, I felt entitled to immediately wake up and listen to "22" by Taylor Swift to live up to the basic b*tch type that I am. As I'm singing along, … Continue reading I’m Feelin’ 22 (Wait, How Am I Supposed To Feel?)

A farewell to Cape Town

I’m currently sitting on the plane about to take off from Cape Town and head home to Boston. My heart is heavy as a type this because I never thought I’d see the day where I actually had to come home. Life has been a dream these past 4 months and it’s one that I … Continue reading A farewell to Cape Town