2017 Year In Review

​​​11:26pm. ​It's dead in here can I pleeeeease get cut? I grab my bag and run to the bathroom. Black heels and a red dress. A quick attempt at smoky eye. I snag my bar key from the top of the sink and stuff it in my coat pocket. Bye everyone! Happy New Year! I … Continue reading 2017 Year In Review


I didn't mean to get super personal, but I couldn't help it. "What's your biggest fear in life?" I hadn't prepped for this one. I had four pages of a Google Doc typed out, with every possible question I could attempt to predict. Tell me about yourself. Why should we choose you? What's the biggest challenge … Continue reading Mediocrity.

 Just go the f*ck home.

  "I'll just have one more," he promised. "I swear this is the last one." I laughed, knowing very well that this was definitely not the case. I pulled the Yuengling handle down and tipped the pint glass underneath. "So, how many more beers is she worth?" I asked as I placed the beer in … Continue reading  Just go the f*ck home.

Read this if you’re uncertain about what’s next

So, what's next? A question as a young-twenty something I get ALL of the time. Usually this is pertaining to jobs, sometimes it's after I rant about a stupid guy (happens frequently). I don't know yet. A simple answer that usually leaves people with a confused look on their face immediately followed by a cheerful, … Continue reading Read this if you’re uncertain about what’s next

I’m Feelin’ 22 (Wait, How Am I Supposed To Feel?)

I turned 22 yesterday, for those of you who missed the memo on every single one of my social media pages. I'm a birthday princess, sorry. Anyways, I felt entitled to immediately wake up and listen to "22" by Taylor Swift to live up to the basic b*tch type that I am. As I'm singing along, … Continue reading I’m Feelin’ 22 (Wait, How Am I Supposed To Feel?)