Not another cliché Valentine’s Day post

I wasn't going to write a blog post today. I wanted to avoid the cliché of being the single gal with a dating blog writing a post on Valentine's Day. But, the Universe suggested otherwise. I was on my morning walk with Kevin and I passed by a guy who I slept with a few … Continue reading Not another cliché Valentine’s Day post

Are you writing about me?

There she was, sitting in La Colombe. Typing away on her marble-skinned MacBook wearing thick, square glasses. Ray Bans, perhaps. Thick, dark hair pulled back in a messy ponytail with a wool gray scarf draped around her neck sipping on what seems to be a cappuccino. Or maybe a latte. Cafe au lait? I'm not sure. Every few seconds she looks up from her … Continue reading Are you writing about me?

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day

I woke up yesterday morning, my head was pounding. I could feel the mascara stuck to my eyelashes from the night before. I rolled out of bed, hopped in the shower. Pulled a black tank over my head and managed to put on my skinny jeans without feeling like I needed to vomit. Sunday regrets from … Continue reading I don’t hate Valentine’s Day