Empty pizza boxes & stained coffee mugs.

This time was different.¬† *** The giant tower stood before me. "WELCOME, UMASS CLASS OF 2015" the banner read in bold crimson letters. 15th floor. Corner room. A lofted bed. My mother's fight to hold back her tears. We had already unloaded my father's truck of Rubbermaid plastic drawers, a $12.99 bright blue desk lamp … Continue reading Empty pizza boxes & stained coffee mugs.


At times I wonder why I left. I ask myself if "exploring" could mean a Southie apartment with friends or "taking a chance" has to mean uprooting the familiar and planting yourself in the unknown. I don't really know the answers to these questions and I don't know if I ever will. I took a … Continue reading home

23 things I wish I knew…wait nvm.

I drafted a post titled "23 things I wish I knew at 22." Be more clich√©, Beth, I dare you. Although I crafted some pretty good points and shed some light on things that my 22 year old self would have scoffed at, I reread it and thought "haha, wait, am I actually significantly older … Continue reading 23 things I wish I knew…wait nvm.

To the city I left

People often ask me why I left. It's a question that is seemingly harmless, but often gives off the connotation that I simply ran away from it because I disliked what my old life had to offer. I didn't run, I moved on. My Massachusetts paraphernalia is hung on my dull white walls. My Red … Continue reading To the city I left