When you like the “wrong guy.”

I’m supposed to like a certain type of guy. I have constructed this ideal man in my mind who shapes my taste in guys. He differentiates the right guys from the totally wrong ones. Ideally, he would be the perfect mix of smart, adventurous, confident, cute, friendly, blah blah blah. Let’s call this "ideal man" … Continue reading When you like the “wrong guy.”


Let’s stop letting a double tap make us feel beautiful

You get ready for class, feeling confident about how you look. You spent a little extra time picking out an outfit, and maybe put on more makeup than usual. As you walk through campus, people are coming up behind you and tapping you twice, proclaiming, "I like you!" They then stick stars all over your … Continue reading Let’s stop letting a double tap make us feel beautiful

Basic-ness of Instagram

Instagram: the app that has turned the most basic of bitches into world-renown photographers. It's the app that turned Thursdays into #tbt and can even make a hot dog look artsy. We live for the 'gram. What better way to brag about the awesome things you are doing than putting it on Instagram? Nothing. I'm … Continue reading Basic-ness of Instagram