I decide it’s ok to give a shit.

Do you get a weird source of inspiration from public transport? Like, I always feel like I’m at my peak of inspo wen I’m on a train, plane or bus. I'm not sure if this is a normal thing, but I always get my best thoughts out at the expense of a $3.65 metro ride…or … Continue reading I decide it’s ok to give a shit.

An Open Letter To All of My Future “Whatevers”

Dear My Future "Whatevers," Hey there, it's me, Beth. I don't know if our relationship will ever extend beyond texting or if you talk to me just to hold onto the hope of having sex with me. We may get married, or our first date might make us want to run for the hills. You … Continue reading An Open Letter To All of My Future “Whatevers”

The Art of Texting

I say this all the time, but I seriously hate texting. I hate it. The only thing I actually enjoy about it are the emojis, but even those annoy me because I've definitely taken years off of my life searching through all the stupid categories to find the one I want to send. That being said, … Continue reading The Art of Texting

Dating your best friend > dating your boyfriend

Girls are girls. Guys are guys. There are things we just understand about each other that the opposite sex simply can't comprehend. For example, Why are guys idiots? I have no idea. Why are girls crazy? That's just false (we aren't-OK maybe sometimes). That being said, there are certain things about yourself that only your … Continue reading Dating your best friend > dating your boyfriend

The New Rules of Chivalry (Women’s Edition)

I read this GQ article today titled "The New Rules of Chivalry". I found it to be particularly cunning and accurate, but then I thought to myself, why are men the only sex expected to follow these chivalrous codes? C'mon people, it's the 21st century. Although we still get a mere 81 cents to your … Continue reading The New Rules of Chivalry (Women’s Edition)

He’s still not that into you

Many things about girls piss me off. That being said, many things about myself piss me off. Like how we often settle for guys who make us feel like crap simply because we want to feel desired. Or, how we send our pictures through 4 different photo editing apps and 20 filters before actually posting … Continue reading He’s still not that into you

The monster in the mirror

This post is for my own therapy. And I hope it helps others too. Perfection. Society has engraved into our minds an image of a "perfect woman" being someone with a size 0 waistline and a flawless face. I have always struggled with my body image. I was never the "skinny" one. Always just about … Continue reading The monster in the mirror

Basic-ness of Instagram

Instagram: the app that has turned the most basic of bitches into world-renown photographers. It's the app that turned Thursdays into #tbt and can even make a hot dog look artsy. We live for the 'gram. What better way to brag about the awesome things you are doing than putting it on Instagram? Nothing. I'm … Continue reading Basic-ness of Instagram