Do something for yourself.

Stress is worse for your body than an entire box of pizza. Legit. Prolonged periods of stress can lead to the following : Low energy. Headaches. Upset stomach, including diarrhoea, constipation and nausea. Aches, pains, and tense muscles. Chest pain and rapid heartbeat. Insomnia. Frequent colds and infections. Loss of sexual desire and/or ability. … Continue reading Do something for yourself.

Two sources of evil: fuckboys and alcohol.

"Happy New Year, Beth :)" the text(s) read. Does that happen to anyone else? As soon as Christmas or NYE hits, your inbox suddenly becomes flooded with messages from men you haven't spoken to in months? It's like, ah, I know I fucked up, but it's the holidays! Happy Holidays! Let's forget about everything I've ever … Continue reading Two sources of evil: fuckboys and alcohol.

When will I feel good enough?

I hate my stomach. My midsection is something I constantly struggle with. I wake up every morning, lift up my stomach, observing it in the mirror for several minutes at a time.

Just a type 1 diabetic tryna be paleo & sh*t

*sigh* Another paleo blog. *sigh heavier while simultaneously rolling eyes* What is paleo? (click that) The intent of this blog is not to explain what paleo means or what the diet entails (ok fine, in one sentence: I can't have any of the main food groups: melted cheese, garlic bread, or Half Baked ice cream). This … Continue reading Just a type 1 diabetic tryna be paleo & sh*t

Clearing headspace

  Our minds are constantly racing with thoughts, most that are unwanted. The anxiety that goes hand in hand with being human is exhausting and we are constantly promising ourselves that we will be better tomorrow. We won't stress about people who don't stress about us. We will get our rent paid, no matter how many … Continue reading Clearing headspace

Living fit with my “new normal”

Life has been different, sort of. For the first week, I was sad. Well, more like f*cking pissed. I was mourning the loss of my  perfectly healthy body and viewed my new diagnosis as something that would hold me back. I feared eating, running, and taking my medication because I was afraid of failing. I … Continue reading Living fit with my “new normal”

Can I be someone’s “fitspo” without having a six pack?

I was going to frame this post around the same ideas that most “fitspo” articles do: However, then I was thinking, why is the fitness community based around perfectionism? I would consider myself “fit,” although I’m not sure if my lack-of-six-pack will lead you to think otherwise. I am in the “ideal” weight range for my height, … Continue reading Can I be someone’s “fitspo” without having a six pack?

I’m in a toxic relationship with an inanimate object.

I'm in a toxic relationship.  It's been pretty on and off since freshman year of college, and as soon as I feel semi-OK about it, I allow myself to get reeled back into it. I'd accurately describe the relationship as destructive, but when it's good, it provides me with an invigorating satisfaction that is undeniable. … Continue reading I’m in a toxic relationship with an inanimate object.

I used to hate girls like me…but why?

The days that I run long distance are the days where I think the most. My mind goes on tangents about food, boys, to-do list items, and everything else in between. On my run yesterday I had a weird thought: I USED TO HATE GIRLS LIKE ME. I thought back to times when I would … Continue reading I used to hate girls like me…but why?


I know I know, I'm a bit late for the 2 month review. HOWEVER, I just started BBG 2.0 and am loving it. For so long I have been uncomfortable in my own skin, allowing the scale to determine my happiness. I would punish myself for eating a cupcake by restricting calories the next day. … Continue reading #KAYLASARMY: BBG Update