The power to both love and destroy

There will be one person, or multiple people, in life who hold your heart. They are capable of holding it for months, years, and possibly forever. Life seems simple when you find your person, because you no longer have to battle through everything alone. The person who holds your heart holds a piece of you … Continue reading The power to both love and destroy


I miss you doesn’t mean I want you

"I miss you," I confessed. The words slipped off my tongue leaving a burning sensation on my lips. I wasn't sure what I meant by it or what I wanted to hear in return. ┬áBut I was speaking the truth. He went silent, I could tell that he was trying to figure out a way … Continue reading I miss you doesn’t mean I want you


I never get into anything too emotional or personal on my blogs. Sure, I rant about "how to be happy" and things that I have learned about life from my past experiences, but I never get into too much detail about what these "past experiences" are. I laid in bed all day yesterday due to … Continue reading “Love”