You are not a fool

spotify:track:0bZ52QzCCKfrfOqs7za6lI I'll never forget the first night we met. A salmon summer dress, cheap strappy sandals. He, plaid shorts and and collared Ralph Lauren polo. Clear vodka in a clear Poland Springs bottle. Sticky fraternity floors and strobe lights against the graffiti-filled basement wall. An early September night, sweat dripping down my neck. A promise … Continue reading You are not a fool


I don’t want to kiss you, so please stop kissing me.

"Hey, I'm Mark.*" He extended his hand out to shake mine, and there was an immediate attraction. Besides his crystal blue eyes and cute face, he was over 6'5'', which was, like, amazing. We chatted, he told me about grad school and future plans. And, eventually he said, "Let's get pizza." Never turn down a … Continue reading I don’t want to kiss you, so please stop kissing me.

The power to both love and destroy

There will be one person, or multiple people, in life who hold your heart. They are capable of holding it for months, years, and possibly forever. Life seems simple when you find your person, because you no longer have to battle through everything alone. The person who holds your heart holds a piece of you … Continue reading The power to both love and destroy