Rainbow unicorn toast.

Nose to the sky, we fly through the crisp December air splitting the clouds into millions of pieces. This setting is familiar. My legs sit on the plastic leather seat. Iced coffee to my right. The sky is painted with city lights that glimmer along the black horizon. A man made Milky Way. Where are … Continue reading Rainbow unicorn toast.

Caffeine in the Capitol: Love ‘n Faith

Love 'n Faith Community Cafe 2424 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009 http://www.lovenfaithcafe.com "Can I have a piece?" the woman behind the counter asked as I took my bubblegum flavored Trident gum out of my bag. I had never been asked this in a coffee shop before, usually people are in their own heads, reading … Continue reading Caffeine in the Capitol: Love ‘n Faith