Rainbow unicorn toast.

Nose to the sky, we fly through the crisp December air splitting the clouds into millions of pieces. This setting is familiar. My legs sit on the plastic leather seat. Iced coffee to my right. The sky is painted with city lights that glimmer along the black horizon. A man made Milky Way. Where are … Continue reading Rainbow unicorn toast.


At times I wonder why I left. I ask myself if "exploring" could mean a Southie apartment with friends or "taking a chance" has to mean uprooting the familiar and planting yourself in the unknown. I don't really know the answers to these questions and I don't know if I ever will. I took a … Continue reading home

To the city I left

People often ask me why I left. It's a question that is seemingly harmless, but often gives off the connotation that I simply ran away from it because I disliked what my old life had to offer. I didn't run, I moved on. My Massachusetts paraphernalia is hung on my dull white walls. My Red … Continue reading To the city I left

Two single people on the subway

I sat on the Red Line, my legs crouched up on the seat, sunglasses resting on top of my head. My back rested on the metal next to the end-chair and the germ infested hand bar. While seemingly uncomfortable, I was quite cozy with a book in hand. The loud noise of the train made … Continue reading Two single people on the subway

Why I’m going to tell you I’m from Boston, even if I don’t live there.

13.4 miles, a 16 minute drive on a Sunday morning (45+ minutes any other day). 11 stops on the Red Line to Park St., a $4.20 roundtrip CharlieCard fare. I don't know the ins and outs of a Southie neighborhood and I won't tell you to "pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd," simply because I … Continue reading Why I’m going to tell you I’m from Boston, even if I don’t live there.