Let’s Connect

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This photo was totally staged but I swear I’m fun to work with in real life. 

What started as creating my own personal brand through Beth in the District, my work
has evolved into a professional marketing portfolio of bringing other people’s stories to life, too. I offer a variety of cool stuff including influencer work, brand consultations, photography, sponsored posts, guest blog posts, etc. etc. etc. Let’s get you noticed.

I’ve worked with a variety of small businesses around DC from meal delivery services, restaurants and hair salons. I love working with the people in my community because I just luvvv people and your success and is my success. As someone who works in the marketing biz full-time, I get the industry and understand the most effective way to make our brands speak in perfect harmony.

In addition to influencer partnerships, I’m launching a really really really awesome company with my dear friend, Cory Lawrence, called IRL. Our goal is to, like, actually be authentic on social media. You know how everrryyyone says that the key to marketing is telling a story? Well, tbh I wouldn’t read 90% of these “stories.” IRL’s goal is to change that.

Let’s get a coffee.