The men of Colombia

"I was ~literally~ a different person in Colombia. There's Colombian Beth and there's American Beth." When I told my parents I was going to Colombia alone, it was kind of like *ummmm but but WHY?!* My mom is very open-minded when it comes to travel -- she was in the Peace Corps for two years … Continue reading The men of Colombia

Caffeine in the Capitol: Love ‘n Faith

Love 'n Faith Community Cafe 2424 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009 "Can I have a piece?" the woman behind the counter asked as I took my bubblegum flavored Trident gum out of my bag. I had never been asked this in a coffee shop before, usually people are in their own heads, reading … Continue reading Caffeine in the Capitol: Love ‘n Faith

A story with an expiration date

  "You have to come home at some point, you know. And don't fall in love either. I'll miss you too much if you stay." I laughed at my mother's words as she hid the tears behind her sunglasses. I took it as a joke, but I knew she was at least half serious. With … Continue reading A story with an expiration date

To the city I left

People often ask me why I left. It's a question that is seemingly harmless, but often gives off the connotation that I simply ran away from it because I disliked what my old life had to offer. I didn't run, I moved on. My Massachusetts paraphernalia is hung on my dull white walls. My Red … Continue reading To the city I left

How to move away unemployed and still make it.

I wasn't made to stay in one place for too long... The night of August 22nd, my mom, sister, and I packed my life in a UHaul van. Inside was my bed, new dresser, and endless bags of random sh*t. We were expected to leave at midnight and make it to our destination by 8am … Continue reading How to move away unemployed and still make it.

The fairytale weekend without a fairytale ending.

I sat on the ferry, looking out to the overcast sky, praying for some sunbeams to peak through the clouds at some point. I kept myself occupied playing with the puppy that conveniently sat next to me while I tried to overcome my anxiety that had unexpectedly hit me by surprise. I looked out the … Continue reading The fairytale weekend without a fairytale ending.

A farewell to Cape Town

I’m currently sitting on the plane about to take off from Cape Town and head home to Boston. My heart is heavy as a type this because I never thought I’d see the day where I actually had to come home. Life has been a dream these past 4 months and it’s one that I … Continue reading A farewell to Cape Town