The men of Colombia

"I was ~literally~ a different person in Colombia. There's Colombian Beth and there's American Beth." When I told my parents I was going to Colombia alone, it was kind of like *ummmm but but WHY?!* My mom is very open-minded when it comes to travel -- she was in the Peace Corps for two years … Continue reading The men of Colombia

Men are cancelled.

I had strum up this idea 5 vodka sodas deep a night at the bar about a week after Thanksgiving. Men are cancelled. I had been "breadcrumbed" by a guy who had been chasing me for about a year, then got a fiancé, broke up with said fiancé, took me on a date where we … Continue reading Men are cancelled.

How to chill the f*ck out when you’re bad at chilling the f*ck out

Confession: I'm really bad at chilling the fuck out. When I'm not worried about work, school, guys, money, my chronic illness or how my body looks in the mirror, I find something else to worry about. I can't remember exactly when my anxiety started, but I can't remember a time where I didn't have anxiety. … Continue reading How to chill the f*ck out when you’re bad at chilling the f*ck out

A cat call is not just a cat call.

TRIGGER WARNING:  sexual assault, rape.       Hey gorgeous, can I take you out to lunch? Damn those legs.  My headphones suddenly becomes a mental shield. I know you heard me.  His presence is so close. The cigarette smoke fills my nostrils. Hey let me -- "Can you just fuck off? I'm not interested, leave … Continue reading A cat call is not just a cat call.

Not another cliché Valentine’s Day post

I wasn't going to write a blog post today. I wanted to avoid the cliché of being the single gal with a dating blog writing a post on Valentine's Day. But, the Universe suggested otherwise. I was on my morning walk with Kevin and I passed by a guy who I slept with a few … Continue reading Not another cliché Valentine’s Day post

No, I don’t want to grab a drink.

Let's take one more shot and go back to your place.  My half-eaten ramen bowl sat in front of me with a cocktail glass half full of a crushed lime and watered down Tito's. Two more tequila shots please! Rail's fine.  Rail tequila? I'm equally grossed out as I am offended. He closes out his … Continue reading No, I don’t want to grab a drink.

Why don’t you want me?

Are you going to talk me afterwards if we have sex? I felt his breath on my neck, his naked skin against mine. Of course, I just can't stay the night.  That answer was good enough for me, even thought it really wasn't. The door shuts behind him after he leaves my dorm. I wait … Continue reading Why don’t you want me?

Reclaiming #selfcare: a happiness project

I've been holding off on writing this post for several reasons. I've written drafts, none of which felt right. I wasn't in the right mindset, and I'm not totally sure I am right now. Tonight, I find myself at a cider bar sipping on ice water. The lighting is dim, Ariana Grande's Sweetener album is on repeat … Continue reading Reclaiming #selfcare: a happiness project

I’m anxious.

I write this in a state of anxiety. Not quite a full-blown anxiety attack, but more of a well, low-key anxiety attack. **** I'm a senior in high school. I'm ready to graduate and jet off to college. I'm over the rumors, the whispers in the hallway, the looks. I'm over the way I morphed … Continue reading I’m anxious.