Do something for yourself.

Stress is worse for your body than an entire box of pizza. Legit.

Prolonged periods of stress can lead to the following :

  • Low energy.
  • Headaches.
  • Upset stomach, including diarrhoea, constipation and nausea.
  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles.
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.
  • Insomnia.
  • Frequent colds and infections.
  • Loss of sexual desire and/or ability.

…to name a few.

Not only that, my weight is always higher when I experience high stress and my skin breaks the f out. The freaking worst.

Stress is inevitable. Whether you’re worried about your soggy chicken tenders coming out from the kitchen in a timely manner, or you’ve experienced something far far worse, we are stressful human beings. It’s just who we are.

I’ve been super high stress recently. Dealing with a break up (sort of? still not totally sure how to classify this one), prepping for grad school, working way too much, paying bills, and all the other shit I deal with on the daily adds up to a shit-ton of headaches and self-doubt.

I was up last night starting at the splotches on my ceiling that I never finished painting (#adulting), and started to ask myself when the last time I did something for myself. When’s the last time I put my needs and my interests first? I feel like for the past several months I’ve been so worried about pleasing others that I’ve lost sight of WTF  want to do.

I have list of stuff in Nora (yes, I name my journals), that I want to be doing and haven’t really gotten around to any of it. Most of them are dream and aspirations that will hopefully come with time, but there are some that I can control right now.

Here is part of the list, verbatim:

  • Apply to grad school.
  • Be ~super fit~
  • Write more shit every day.
  • Read more books about race, class, and sex in America.
  • Try to be vegetarian. 2.5 months strong!
  • Yoga once a week.
  • Drink more water and stop dehydrating yourself with coffee. Guilty.

Let’s focus on:

  • Be ~super fit~

I work out 5-6x a week. As a diabetic, exercise is important as it is for everyone, duh but I’ve written time and time again about my existential body image issues and how I’ve never been totally satisfied with where I’m at.

Positive body image is not easy. Like, at all. I don’t think that’s news to anyone.

In college, I completed Kayla Itsines BBG program, because, you know ~tryna be trendy~. TBH that was the best I’ve ever felt about myself. I know it sounds super basic and I’m not saying BBG is some magical potion that transformed my body but…

BBG might be some magical potion that transformed my body. 

I’ve tried to pick it back up time and time again, but I always stop after week 2-3. There’s really no excuse for it, because its legit 28 minutes. I will say the workouts start to get bleh (not bleh as in easy but bleh as in the same shit over and over) after week 4 which makes it hard to stay motivated.

ANYWAYS, for me, seeing results in the gym makes my personal stress diminish significantly. Omg Beth life is so much more than what your body looks like! I know, I know. But, like, that’s just how my brain works.

Technically the program is supposed to start on a Monday, but whatevs. Like I did when I was a wee 21 year old, I’ll be posting updates of me shirtless every couple of weeks to showcase progress (narcissism at its finest!), and hopefully by the end of the 12 weeks I’ll be like, totally, stress-free!!!! (Lol, a girl can dream right?)

I guess my point is that life is one big choice. You choose who to date, where to work, what to put into your body. No wonnnnnnder why life is so goddamn stressful because you always have to choose shit! Sorta sucks but is also sorta cool.

So, for now, I’m choosing to do this. For nobody else but myself.

I cannot express the importance of being your own advocate. Choosing things and people that make you a better person. Stress is inevitable, but not everything in life has to be stressful. What and who you surround yourself with can either send your stress levels through the roof or can act as a breath of fresh air.

Do something for yourself every day. Because if you don’t, nobody else will.

Here’s me freshly rolled out of bed this morning looking super pretty!




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