Powerful Women Project: Amanda Nelson

The response I received on this post prompted this project: the Powerful Women Project. At times I feel unsure of the choices I make, the life I’m choosing to live at this point, the guys I choose to spend my time with, etc. I’m supposed to have a corporate job with benefits, a steady relationship, an overall “handle” on adulting (at least that’s how society makes me feel).

My blog readers never fail to remind me why I started making my writing public in the first place. Talking about my personal life (and dudes, mostly, lolz) was awkward at first, but it’s become such a large part of my life that I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without it. You guyz truly rock my sox!

The “personal brand” that has evolved from my writing extends throughout my social media channels – Instagram being the most influential by far. I hashtag the sh*t out of my pictures, not just for the “likes” (although that’s part of it obv), but it also introduces me to some of the coolest people. If I can extend my blog network with a few obnoxious hashtags, why not?

Which brings me to introduce my very first kickass woman! Amanda Nelson. I met her through Insta (due to my obnoxious hashtags). She is the owner/founder of Whistle & Wild, an online boutique based out of Arlington, VA. Not only are the clothes cute AF, but her branding is on point as well.

Check out Whistle & Wild’s insta here.

When I got the idea for this project, I had Amanda in mind and was SO happy when she commented and showed interest in participating.


“Prior to Whistle & Wild I was in retail management, I have managed a lot of boutiques and stores, most recent was a Store Manager for Free People. I attended a fashion college and have always had an eye for fashion. When I was younger I would ALWAYS mix&match my outfits up to add a little bit of flare.”


“My husband was a big influence in pushing me to go for my dreams. I have a significant amount of drive within me but to have that extra support is key. Another huge reason is life really is too short, & I didn’t want to be 50 years old thinking oh I should have done this or that…why wait? The biggest obstacle I have faced was just not knowing anything in the beginning and doing a ton of research to find answers. Not having help pushed me to figure things out on my own though, so it worked out!”

“I didn’t have much of anything growing up, so for me my drive was to always be something from nothing.. My parents struggled and I wasn’t able to go to the movies all the time with my friends or go to the mall and hangout. That right there is my inspiration. I want to build a great life for myself so that one day I can give to others, my children (one day) and others. I have a huge heart and want to be able to help all people. That is also why social issues are important to me and in the future we will be giving back to a few social causes through our proceeds.”

Her advice?

“Dont be afraid to ask questions! Whats the worst thing that can happen? Someone doesn’t answer them or someone says no? Who cares. Move on and NEVER give up.”

S/o to Amanda for being totally awesome and contributing her equally as awesome story. People like you inspire people like me.

TODAY ONLY: Enjoy a spooky special of 30% off her entire site! Use code “spooky” at checkout. Happy Halloween!

Check out her online boutique, Whistle & Wild here

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