Just a type 1 diabetic tryna be paleo & sh*t

*sigh* Another paleo blog. *sigh heavier while simultaneously rolling eyes*

What is paleo? (click that)

The intent of this blog is not to explain what paleo means or what the diet entails (ok fine, in one sentence: I can’t have any of the main food groups: melted cheese, garlic bread, or Half Baked ice cream). This does not mean I am going to go hunt a chicken for dinner or grind my own coconut flour using all of the local palm tree coconuts in the DC metro area. It’s basically just being, like, healthy or whatever.

I have been paleo-ish recently. Hopping on and off the bandwagon for quite sometime. It’s a freaking commitment because we all know that pizza=lyfe.

Why, oh why, would you do this to yourself, Beth?

Health. That is all. To be honest, I am tired of only being sort of satisfied with the way I look. I like my legs, butt, and the fact that I have the discipline to get a kickass workout at the gym at least 5x a week but there have been multiple setbacks in my fitness journey thus putting me at annoying plateau.

If it’s your first time reading my blog, first of all, welcome! I usually write about guys which is slightly more interesting, so stay tuned for my next post. Second of all, to let you know, I am a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic. Read about that here.

So, from a health standpoint, I have a bit of a different angle as to why paleo is so appealing to me.

I have carb hangovers. Like, I know nobody is going to feel good the morning after heavily drinking and gorging on a giant slice of delciousness. Nobody. But, like, I actually feel like HELL if I do something like that. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Type 1 is a complex disease that I still don’t totally understand myself, but here’s how I’m going to explain it.

A day in the life of Beth and her diabetes:

8am: Wake up, prick finger, bleed a tad, test blood sugar level. 108?! Yes! I rock. 

8:05am: Pinch belly fat, inject 12 units of Lantus. I’m starving.

8:15am: Eggs and avocado on deck. Morning pee. Eat said eggs and avocado. Ugh, why didn’t I pick up fruit at the store?

8:45am: Stop at the grocery store to pick up an apple to eat. Head to gym.

9:00am: Prick finger, bleed a tad, test blood sugar. 140. Perfect. Exercise.

10:00am: Prick finger, bleed a tad, test blood sugar. 89. F*ck, sorta low. Eat another piece of fruit.

10:30am: Prick finger, bleed a tad, test blood sugar. 110. Perfect.

12:00pm: Eat lunch (usually a protein with sweet potato and vegetables). No insulin required. 

12:30pm: Prick finger, bleed a tad, test blood sugar. 120. A bit high, but I just ate so we gucci.

1:00pm-4:00pm: Either scrolling through Instagram, applying to jobs, writing, eating, people watching, or Tindering. Sometimes all at the same time.

4:30pm: Go to work. Test blood sugar in the bathroom as I can’t see all guests being totally cool with the finger pricking process.

5:00pm: Eat dinner before shift (usually generally the same as lunch). Injects 2 units of Novlog to compensate for the leftover fries I know I will consume at the service window. 

5:15pm-last call: Pour beers, roll eyes at the service ticket full of signature cocktails, flirt with male bar guests.

Late night: Prick finger, bleed a tad, test blood sugar. 85. Eek. Eats a carb heavy snack before bed.

So, there you have it. How exciting is my life guys?! I’m not sure what your level of knowledge is on type 1 diabetes, but if you’re curious to find out more, here’s the best link for that. The numbers/lingo might not make total sense but here’s the Skimm version.

  • #Goals=A blood sugar of 90-110 at all times.
  • Reality=not that^
  • Carb heavy foods=spike in blood sugar
  • Insulin pens (Novolog/Lantus)=manual pancreas=life saver
  • Exercise=natural insulin (decreases blood sugar)
  • Low blood sugar=a bitchy/confused AF Beth

Routine is important for me. I can’t eat a pint of ice cream the moment it’s presented to me. My fast acting insulin takes 30 minutes to kick in. So, if you’re a good friend, you’ll wait out the 30 minutes with me. Although, I probably wouldn’t if I were you tbh.  For those who know me well, or not so well, my life is all over the place all of the time so like, having to plan to eat a pint of ice cream is weird. But I have to…

…if you consider 30 minutes in advance a “plan.”

Anywho, although injections aren’t so bad, I don’t particularly like injecting myself with a needle if I don’t have to. I eat a low carb diet purposefully because why have to worry about spiking your blood sugar when you can just, like, not? That’s why paleo is appealing to me.

Type 1 isn’t overly intrusive in my every day life, but it kind of is. It’s like that ex who will text you every so often to “see how you’re doing” even when that ship has sailed several months ago. He doesn’t, like, show up at your house (or apartment lobby lol) uninvited, but the text from him is just like ugh, I wish you didn’t do that. You know?

Anyways, I’m going to give this paleo thing another go around and see how much of a rockstar my doctor thinks I am come my next appointment.

Will keep ya posted*~

Here are some “before I ate a fat-ass omelette and 3 cups of coffee” pictures, because, is it even a fitness post if you don’t???

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