Caffeine in the Capitol: Love ‘n Faith

Love ‘n Faith Community Cafe
2424 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

“Can I have a piece?” the woman behind the counter asked as I took my bubblegum flavored Trident gum out of my bag. I had never been asked this in a coffee shop before, usually people are in their own heads, reading a book, playing on their iPads, or chatting with a friend across their table.

I offered my gum to staff, and felt like I was a regular customer instantly. The chalkboard-drawn menu outlined all of their specialty coffee drinks and food options. It took me a few minutes to decide what to order, as I was constantly distracted by the overwhelming adorable aesthetic of this place.

Why was this the first time I was discovering this place when it was literally around the corner form my apartment?


Faith, the owner, was never one to stay in one place for too long. She’s lived all over the country before settling in the nation’s capitol. With a love for coffee and all things local, Faith opened Love ‘n Faith in June of 2014. Specializing in espresso-based drinks (with a KILLER espresso machine), liquid nitrogen ice cream, and decor that will make you feel ~all the feels~. The coffee beans are locally produced from Vienna, VA and desserts are all made in-house.



They kill it in this category. It was so Insta-worthy I couldn’t contain myself.

I’m a sucker for unique decor and this place had it all. The tables were handcrafted by a relative, each with two quotes in white: one about love and the other about faith. They had a display on their back-wall of pictures and a hanging guitar. I should have asked more about what this was all about, but it looked cool regardless. It all seemed to have some tie to family, which makes you feel like you’re at home as soon as you walk in.


Coffee & Treats:

Faith, the owner, offered me samples of their liquid nitrogen ice cream. The cookies and cream, coffee, vanilla, and mango sorbet- all SO legit. I’ve never seen the actual process of liquid nitrogen being made- but it was a quick 5 minute process and added to the unique atmosphere of the place.

Now, to get to the REAL gem of this place. Ready for it?

Mint Mojito Latte.


You heard correctly. No, it does not contain alcohol, but I’m sure it would make for a great brunch cocktail as well. I don’t normally order anything besides iced coffee and the occasional cappuccino (mainly because my wallet won’t allow), but also because the flavors are always too overwhelming and I feel like I am killing my insides with the sugar I’m consuming in a single sip.



Definitely not the case with this drink. It was a perfect mix of sweet and minty, without totally masking the coffee-taste. Both refreshing and delicious, this drink was absolutely fantastic.

The Takeaway:

If Love ‘n Faith were an Uber driver, I would contact customer service and ask if there was an option to give them 6 stars (I guess that is what Yelp is for, right?). The customer service was outstanding, the decor was ~on fleek~ and most importantly- the coffee was fantastic and reasonably price.

Thanks to the L&F staff (shoutout to Jasmine and Faith) for a great first experience- I will certainly be back! 

Jasmine (friendly Trident gum lover) and Faith (owner and liquid nitrogen expert)



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