Clearing headspace: Day 2 + 3

I just had an awesome weekend with my best friend from back home. We did a lot in the short period of time she was here, but it was still a relaxing weekend nonetheless. Racing thoughts were minimal, perhaps because I was distracted by great company or maybe this meditation thing it working quicker than I thought.

Day 2 and Day 3 were similar, although, I decided to switch up the settings.

For the first two days I completed the exercises in my room, sitting upright in the comfort of my own bed. It’s a nice setting to be in. My room is rather large with two windows allowing sunlight and fresh air to circulate through. An ideal spot for meditation.

Day 3 I switched it up. I thought-hm, in what setting am I all over the place at all times?

The office.

Between answering emails, making phone calls, managing multiple events, talking with Bud Light delivery drivers, my mind is forced to be in a thousand different directions at once. Work is stress-inducing, as it is for everyone. I thought- maybe I should challenge myself in a place that is not so comfortable.

I arrive at work usually at 9:45ish every morning. The first 15 minutes are usually spent looking over emails, creating to-do lists, and prioritizing my day.

I didn’t do that today. I meditated. I sat in this less-than-ideal meditation setting and completed Day 3. Amazing. I know this “high” I am on right now won’t last all day, but it’s a fantastic start to it.

The exercises are getting easier and easier. Distractions are minimal, even though I am aware. The first two days I focused on ignoring my surroundings, while today I was able to embrace them.

Life is never quiet, in both literal and figurative sense. It’s not meant to be. So, how can you take all of the noise and deconstruct it into something that is more manageable? That will be the focus for tomorrow.

I may sound like a total hippie, but seriously–this is awesome.



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