Clearing headspace


Our minds are constantly racing with thoughts, most that are unwanted. The anxiety that goes hand in hand with being human is exhausting and we are constantly promising ourselves that we will be better tomorrow. We won’t stress about people who don’t stress about us. We will get our rent paid, no matter how many shifts we have to work.

We will kill it.

That’s the dream. The dream is to “kill it.” In everything you do. Work, school, fitness, dating, etc. Everything. You want to “kill the game.”


We’re so focused on killing it, we don’t treat our minds properly. Work, school, fitness, dating. They’re all tangible worthy of social media bragging. A status about your super awesome job, an Instagram post of your 20 pound weight loss.

We’re so busy focusing on the tangible, we don’t leave any room in our minds for actual,  headspace. Space that is actual space. Emptiness.

Besides, who wants “headspace” when you can have 429 likes on your fitness transformation?

I have never mediated in my life. I’ve taken yoga many times, but I have never dedicated time just to meditate without any sort of physical activity involved. I’ve only heard good things, but never took the time to actually do it. I have so many thoughts ALL of the time, the idea of “being one with myself” just never resonated.

I met a new friend the other day, and he explained meditation in a way I have never heard it explained.

It’s like you’re sitting in the middle of the street. Cars are flying by on either side if you. You’re very much aware those cars are there, but you choose not to hop in one. And trust me, you’re definitely going to get in one of those cars at one point, but for that moment, you are sedentary in the middle of oncoming traffic.

Day 1 of Clearing Headspace:

Downloaded the Headspace app. It’s a 10 day guided meditation (free). Watched the Intro and then tried out day 1. It’s 10 minutes long and some dude with an extremely soothing voice guides you through everything. He doesn’t ask you to ignore the thoughts you’re having, because they’re inevitable. In fact, at one point, he WANTS you to think, he encourages allowing the racing thoughts–but then asks you come back and focus on your body and breathing.

I thought 10 minutes was a long time and I’d stop halfway through, but I was very disappointed when it ended. Maybe I was just tired so my eyes would shut with ease regardless, but I was able to really focus on my breathing and the effects my breathing has on every part of my body. Afterwards, I sat there for a few minutes, reflecting on why I was having the thoughts I was having and the real roots of where they were coming from. Incredible- and I totally can’t wait until tomorrow.




5 thoughts on “Clearing headspace

  1. My ex was big on meditation. He took me to one of his sessions and I instantly felt transformed. I didn’t want to break away from the peace and silence that overcame me. When we broke up, I stopped meditating though – maybe I should try it again!


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