Living fit with my “new normal”

Life has been different, sort of.

For the first week, I was sad. Well, more like f*cking pissed. I was mourning the loss of my  perfectly healthy body and viewed my new diagnosis as something that would hold me back. I feared eating, running, and taking my medication because I was afraid of failing.

I was petrified.


The second week was better. I allowed myself to run; something that I truly missed when my pancreas decided to conk out on me. I tied my newly bought Sauconys and took off to the National Mall; a 4.5 mile route that had become foreign to me. Running was no longer a feat. I had the energy to keep going.

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 I had the energy to feel something other than pain.

There are good days and there are bad days. Some days I still ask “why?” and struggle to fight back tears but some days I feel #blessed that I’m living with a very manageable disease. There are days I take too much insulin for the amount of carbs I’m consuming and there are days where I should throw a freaking party for myself because my blood sugars were ON POINT all day. Who would’ve thought blood sugar counts could be so exciting?!

Regardless, I’m getting there. Slowly, but surely. And maybe one day I’ll get comfortable enough with it where I can use diabetes as a pick up line to a cute guy at the bar. Like, “Hey, wanna compare blood sugars?” No? Alright.

Anyways, since I have to limit my pizza intake (to my dismay), I’ve decided to take the cards I’ve been dealt and turn it into a challenge for myself, physically and mentally. Maintaining a good diet and exercise regime is crucial for being a ~*superstar Type 1.*~

Today I started a 6 week fitness and exercise regimen by a Instafit-famous star, Nikki Zahka. Check out her page here. I have to watch my carb intake, so she personalized a meal plan for me based on the amount of grams I’m supposed to consume per meal. So, it makes it pretty easy for me. My exercise routine is a mixture of resistance and half marathon training.


Follow me on my fitness journey (since I finally have enough insulin in me to do so).








3 thoughts on “Living fit with my “new normal”

  1. I’m so incredibly glad to hear you are doing better! I was practically in tears reading your last post, so I’m glad that you are beginning to find your way towards a “new normal”. One that of course involves fitness! 🙂

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  2. Bless your heart. I have had a lot of health problems myself, inherited cervical spondylosis from my grandmother, so I can relate in a way. Tears did come to my eyes as I read what you’ve been through. You’re a great writer!


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