11 Reasons Why Tom Brady Should Be Everyone’s #MCM

Happy Man Crush Monday my fellow #TB12 lovers. Aside from his face that has #blessed written all over it, this man has done it all, and I feel like I owe it to everyone to dedicate a blog post to the Zeus of the NFL.

Here’s a short list of the real reasons why Brady should be your #MCM every single Monday (or just every single day).

1. I guess I should get this one out of the way. His face was carefully crafted by the highest of supreme beings to represent the “Ultimate Man,” and we should all take time out of our day to appreciate it.

Are you real?

2. He’s the epitome of every Elite Daily article we’ve read on what women really want in a guy. Seriously, read this article and tell me it doesn’t have Tom Brady written all over it. Honesty, understanding, caring, strength, compassion, security, blind loyalty. Boom.

                           I can’t.

3. He single handedly redefined what it means to be an Ugg-wearing male. Gone are the days of struggling to find what to buy for your boyfriend on Christmas. You can never go wrong with a pair of man Uggs, all thanks to the King himself.

Now we just need Beyonce to redefine the Ugg movement for     women…

4. He’s dorky and awkward in all the right ways. Kind of like Seth Cohen, but way hotter.

5. He kind of resembles Taylor Kitsch and if you ever want to resemble someone you want it to be Taylor Kitsch.

6. He’s not in it for the money, he’s in it for the football. He gives away his brand-new cars and million dollar endorsements, because, well, he’s Tom Brady. His nine digit paychecks aren’t a secret to anyone, and he doesn’t try to make it one. He just wants to play the game, and trust me, we love watching you do it.

7. He does random sh*t but looks absolutely adorable doing it.

Bleached tip faux hawk? Alright…
I guess when you’re Tom Brady you can decide what days you want to be a hipster.

8. Brady was kind of a dork, and it kind of makes me love him so much more. He gives hope to middle schoolers and pre-pubescent teens everywhere. The awkward stage doesn’t last forever, and Brady is a perfect example.

Exhibit A: 


9. His relationship with Bill Belichick makes us happier than a new season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Imagine being able to put “Has the ability to make Bill Belichick laugh,” on your resume?

10. His marriage explains what we want in a relationship way better than any #relationshipgoals tweet we’ll ever read.

11. And his family, like, are you kidding? Your life is more picture perfect than my Pinterest page.

Thank you, Brady. For not only your flawless face and chiseled six pack abs, but also for being perfect in every humanly way possible. I would envy you, but I enjoy swooning over you way more. Much love.

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