Tinder Conversations: NY Edition

Happy Thanksgiving you filthy animals.

I’m spending my Thanksgiving in Brooklyn with family, so to fight the FOMO about missing out on Thanksgiving Eve festivities with friends, I decided to do a bit of “social experiment,” if that’s what you’d like to call it. I only expected to do it to one or two guys, but then it just spread like wildfire. I couldn’t help myself.

Everyone reading this very familiar with Tinder, the glorified hook up app.  So, since I know zero people in this area, I decided to strike up some interesting conversations with complete strangers. Inspired by How To Lose A Guy In One Tinder, I hope I can provide you with some comic relief on this glorious holiday. Apologies to those victimized, but I am certainly #thankful and #blessed for you providing me with entertaining conversations and endless laughs.

What did I learn? I can act as crazy as I’d like to, it doesn’t matter. The thirst is real.

Kindly read the conversations from left to right.

Meet Victim #1. He poses with girls in his Tinder pictures. And, his nose is growing, “like pinokio.”




How kind of you to have a romantic dinner planned for me when I come knocking on your door looking for your non-existent girlfriend like a complete psychopath.

Meet Victim #2. His grammar is immaculate and he’s charming as hell 🙂 Every girl’s dream. 



I guess that makes two of us who are constipated with our “faces stuck in one position.” Also, since you’ve slept with 7 and a HALF women, do you consider me half or whole of a woman? Jw lmao lmk thx.

IMG_2947   IMG_2950

IMG_2955 IMG_2956

Wait, so does this mean take back the comment about me getting chewed up by the tigers in my Tinder picture (which are actually lions) because you still want to hook up? I’m confused. Lmk, thx.

Meet Victim #3: He’ll tell you that you look like Angelina Jolie and mean it ❤

IMG_2983 IMG_2984

“naaaaaaaa lmao” 


 IMG_2987 IMG_2988

So, first you said I don’t look Angelina Jolie at all. Maybe just slightly. Well, no, I look similar, but maybe just in person. Actually, no, just in my second picture we look alike. Ok. Good to know.


I’m off to bigger and better things. You gave me all of the confidence I need. All I need to find is my Brad Pitt and a few adorable orphans to adopt. Hollywood, here I come! 

Victim #4 is willing to help a stranger in need…as long as he can talk to me on the phone first.

IMG_2959 IMG_2960


IMG_2963 IMG_2964

Have you asked your parents if its OK yet? I’m cool, I swear.

This guy’s cool. He has pumpkin and apple pie. And his friend’s parents love to salsa. What’s better than that?

IMG_2971 IMG_2972

IMG_2973 IMG_2974

IMG_2975 IMG_2976

Well, so do you want me to leave the savory pumpkin pie that I made at home? That’s kind of rude. And, what if I don’t know how to salsa? Will I feel left out? Do you think we could split the Uber taxi?

Hey Victim #6 thank you for understanding my butterfly obsession.

IMG_2996 IMG_2997


IMG_3001 IMG_3002 

I was hoping we could paint our future kitchen red, but beige with oak cabinets sounds good too. We can compromise I suppose. 

IMG_3003 IMG_3004 IMG_3005

“I don’t think there’s a need for pills.” The WebMD of Tinder. Thanks for backing me up cutie pie 🙂

And here’s my Angelina Jolie friend again.


Ok bye, friend. I’ll miss you.

If you ‘d like to participate in this Tinder game with me, it’s fun. Email me at anotherchapterinthebook@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. I’ll feature your sicko conversations in my next post!

Much luv,
Xoxo Beth


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