Hit me with your best shot

My fingers are struggling to write this post because by the end I know I will come to the realization that my college career is halfway over. I’ve been avoiding the thought all semester, so I guess it’s time to come to terms with it. I am halfway over with the “fake” world. In 2 years I will be thrown into the crazy whirlwind some people like to call the real world. Sink or swim, it’s totally up to you. 

I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again. College has been the best cure to the black cloud that I let follow me around in high school. It has made me a better person, physically and emotionally and although thinking about how my sophomore year is over, I can only imagine what life after college will be like. If flipping to the college chapter has made this much of an impact, the next chapter must be even better.

Sure, I find myself often depressed that I am actually in fact getting old. Next year the students at Braintree High that I consider “stupid freshman” will begin their college hunt–is that serious? Time is flying by so fast, I often find it hard to grasp and cherish every moment that gets thrown my way. But, that’s the funny thing with time. Time is simply a made-up fantastical entity in our lives that we can do whatever we want with.  “Getting old” is often a saddening thought. I already feel like I’m running away from my youth with every adult-like decision I make. But, life moves on even if you don’t move with it. Roll with the punches and see where it takes you. Avoiding the unavoidable and living in the past will get you nowhere.

I guess it’s time to avoid the thought of me leaving in just over a week and being completely finished with this year. It’s time to realize that life is so much bigger than my small dorm room. Until I really thought about it, I didn’t think I was ready to move on, just like I thought I didn’t want to move on from freshman year. But, this year has proved to be better than the rest, and I know whatever next year has in store for me will leave me with a positive impact that I will hold onto for forever. 

So, junior year: hit me with your best shot. I’ll be ready for ya.

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