Some Sunday morning food for thought

You know the question, “What’s your greatest accomplishment?” Yah, the one that they ask you in job interviews that you basically have 30 seconds to decide what the most awesome thing you have ever done is.  Maybe if I wasn’t so freakin’ spectacular this question would come easy to me (joking, sort of). Usually, the only response I can come up with for this question is “getting into college.” Such a lame response. As I have been scrambling these past couple months trying to find a summer job, I have seen and been asked this question far too many times for my liking. But, it definitely got me thinking. Beth-What IS your greatest accomplishment? Sure, getting into college is pretty cool or whatever but is it really the best thing that I have ever done?

I’ve found that your greatest accomplishment in life shouldn’t be tangible. It shouldn’t be something you can show off to the world, like a college acceptance letter. It should be something that you did for yourself that changed you and got yourself to the awesome point where you are today. I don’t need UMass to be my greatest accomplishment, because that doesn’t separate me from the thousands of other students who can say the same thing. UMass doesn’t define me, I define myself.

I feel like I’m rambling on about random nothingness that doesn’t mean anything to anyone or might not even make sense, but I think I’ve finally cracked the code on the complexity of this question. So, what is my greatest accomplishment, you ask? At this point, today, my greatest accomplishment has been the ability to change how I view life. Life isn’t one single event, life is multiple occurrences that are twisted and tossed around, getting thrown wherever you decide to put them. I didn’t decide to title this blog “just another chapter in the book” for no reason, you know. Up until recently, I thought life was just one chapter. Just one, stupid chapter that went on and on, repeating the same heartbreaks and upsets that would eventually come to and end, and that would be it, the end of Beth’s story. 

I often make jokes to my friends about how my life is “one big joke” because stuff that gets thrown my way on a daily basis doesn’t seem to happen to most people. Whether if it’s something small that happens, or something that changes me forever, a black cloud just seems to always follow me. This seems depressing, but it really doesn’t have to be if I don’t want it to be. In my last blog post I talked about how Braintree Wamp Beth and Minuteman Beth seem to be two different people. The main reason why this is was because the high school me let this black cloud effect me on a daily basis, blaming everyone else for my unhappiness, and just waiting to catch a break for life to just flip the page and start over. I can’t control what gets thrown my way, and neither can anyone else, that’s why life can really suck sometimes. But, until I realized that life is so much bigger than just a single chapter, I was miserable all the time. Why did I think that life was going to flip the page for me? Grab life by the neck and do it yourself. 

It might seem I went off on a little bit of a tangent from the original topic of this post, but I truly do believe that has been my biggest accomplishment, realizing that life doesn’t owe me anything. The best way you can view life is to view it as chapters. Something will always come your way that might suck, but don’t let it run on and on. Life moves on with or without you, so flip the page and start a new chapter. 


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