Trying to never figure out life.

I’m not too sure how this whole “blogging” thing works. So I’m also not sure if you’re supposed to start out with an introduction about yourself or you’re supposed to put that in the About Me section. I couldn’t find how to put it in the About Me section so here goes nothing:

I’d almost classify myself as the “@CommonWhiteGirl” account on Twitter, but what’s the fun in that?

Born and raised in Braintree, also known as Wampland, Land of the overly proud Wamps, or home of most obnoxious fan-base in Massachusetts. I was always involved in high school: Editor in Chief of the yearbook, student council member, captain of the varsity soccer team, name a club I probably had some sort of affiliation with it. From people who didn’t grow up in Braintree, I seem like the overachieving teachers’ pet who loved her name being plastered everywhere. But at Braintree High, that’s what people wanted. If you didn’t actively practice our mission statement “P.R.I.D.E”–partnership, respect and responsibility ,involvement, diversity, educational excellence–you were sort-of outside of the circle that revolved around climbing to the top of this “Wamp” tribe. I’ll be honest, I did take great satisfaction in knowing people knew who I was but would I go back? Absolutely not. But I’ll always thank Braintree High for instilling in me the idea of loving your peers, and loving what you live for, whatever that may be.

So, who am I now? I am a confident, fun-loving, kind, passive aggressive, athletic, college kid who thinks she’s way funnier than she actually is. My laugh can be heard for miles, and people always say they love my laugh and it sounds exactly like my mom’s, but I know they’re lying because my laugh sounds like nothing short of a dying goat. I try to start a friendly conversation with strangers, but I learned quickly that there are far too many socially awkward people in college; but I still do it anyways. I tweet way too much, use Facebook for strictly photo sharing and creeping, and Instagram pointless shit while crossing my fingers that the “likes” will get in the double digits. My iPhone battery sucks, and I also hate myself for complaining about first world problems on a daily basis. I like to take chances, make spontaneous decisions, and am always reaching for something more.

The transition from a Braintree Wamp to a UMass Minuteman was possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  I sometimes hate looking back on my high school self, because it seems like so much has changed. But, then again, I’m still the embarrassing, overly nice girl that I’ve always been. The only differences between the Wamp Beth and the Minuteman Beth is that I love myself and I appreciate happiness more than anything else. If I had to narrow Beth Cormack down into one word, it would simply be: happy. Happy with love, happy with friends and family, and most importantly, happy with life. I haven’t quite figured out life yet, but I’m not sure if I ever want to.


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